Ever considered making your own survey, but find it rather annoying to enter all of the already filled out paperwork into a spreadsheet or a database?
Now you can order an Android application from Vasciquex 7 where you only have to submit the questions along with the possible answers you want and we will make the application for you are you are ready to go.
It works in the way that after the application is made – typically after max 24 hours – the application is uploaded to Google Play and you can download it.
Whether you want 1, 2, 3 or more devices running the application, the price per working application will be the same
The price for a working application will be 1 EURO per question you would like. That means if you have a questionnaire with 10 questions, you will have to pay 10 * 1 EURO = 10 EURO.
Because the focus is on the functionality and the ease of gathering and storing data, the graphical layout will be like the following:


When you are done with the gathering of data, you simply click the ‘MENU’ button on your phone/tablet and copy the database to an external SD-card which can then be entered into a regular PC for further analysis.<p>Once you have purchased the application, Vasciquex 7 is not responsible for the way that you handle the data collected.<p>For a demonstration of how the survey application could work for you – click the following link and install it to your Android device.

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