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Vasciquex 7 is always looking for assignments, so if you (or anone you know) need some software idea to become reality, then just send an email and we’ll start analyzing it and see what needs to be done.

No assignments are too big and no one are too small, so do not hesitate, just send an email.


ColorBlind Advanced

If you are colorblind and have already tried the ‘basic’ ColorVision application for android devices, then I definitively recommend trying the ColorVision Advanced.

The problem for alot of colorblind persons is not that the colors are not showing or are difficult to see, it is that they are difficult to differ from one another.

The ColorVision Advanced application is designed for you to be able to focus on one color at a time and then the display on the android device will light up that specific color. If you find this difficult to grasp then just try to find the corresponding graph to the name below – if you want to give up, then try to install the ColorVision Advanced and try again and see the difference.




Have you ever considered if you are suffering from color defiance?

Isihara tests are available for free for anyone how is in doubt of whether or not they are affected by a color defiance.

An example of a Red/Green colorblind problem is to determine what number is displaying on the following image:




Now you can find an evaluation copy of an Android application from Vasciquex 7 where you can see the same things as people who are not suffering from color defiance see. The application runs in realtime meaning that it displays the things you see live on the camera with the altering of colors in a way that makes you able to see the things you weren’t able to see before.


Two types of the application is available on Google play


The first version is an evaluation copy that lets you try the software for 14 days before buying it – when you feel convinced and want to buy it, simply click on buy at the NON-evaluation version on Google play and you and unlimited access to the use of the ColorVision Pro application and free updates and upgrades.